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Spotlighted Show: Gareth Rockliffe Fine Art Photography

Photo by landscape and portrait photographer Gareth Rockliffe

This week’s spotlighted show comes from soulful landscape and portrait photographer Gareth Rockliffe. Gareth and his wife/business partner were recently offered the opportunity to capture the beauty of Prince Edward Island for two weeks. They had total creative control over this project.

His ProShow Producer slideshow features time lapse, drone footage, and of course his signature landscape images. We love Gareth’s use of transparent layers in his landscape images because it gives them a subtle movement and makes you give his images a closer look.

“I just love the way I can apply a motion effect to a slide and then go in and edit the effect so I can give it a particular look and feel. Most of the time I edit the whole production in Producer, but sometimes, if I have a lot of video interviews, I will create HD clips of my stills in Producer then export a video file to add to a project in Final Cut. It’s an immensely powerful and useful tool for my kind of hybrid photography, we simply could not produce our Vidéage® shows without it!”

Gareth’s slideshow was made in ProShow Producer

Love the look of Gareth’s slideshow? Learn how to create the same awesome effect he used throughout the video with his tutorial post here: ‘Using Transparent Layers for Unique Effects‘.

About Gareth Rockliffe

Gareth Rockliffe is a native of Southport England with over thirty years of experience. Rockliffe has achieved international recognition for his soulful landscape and portrait photography and has exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe.

Want to see more of Gareth’s work? Check out his website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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