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5 Tips on Photographing Fireworks

The 4th of July is this coming Tuesday which means the sky will be filled with colors and there’ll be a long weekend full of fun activities leading up to it! Make a ProShow slideshow highlighting your weekend of all the energy, color, and action photos you captured.

Not sure how to capture fireworks in a picture? We’ve got an oldie but goodie list of tips below to help you take great firework photos.

  1. Scope Out the Area Early: Arrive very early to claim the spot you want to photograph from for good shots. This will also help to avoid obstructed views. Make sure to think about a skyline, bodies of water, and other elements when you choose your spot for a more powerful final image.
  2. Use a Tripod and Remote Release: The less you touch your camera, the better. The tripod will keep your camera stable during these long exposure shots and the release lets you take the picture without touching your camera. An electronic or wireless release will give you great results.
  3. Turn Off Your Flash: This will distract from the main focus and trick your camera into thinking it needs a short exposure time.
  4. Shoot in Manual Mode: Turn off auto and turn on manual. After selecting manual, the focus will remain constant and you’ll have set the focus before it gets too dark to see. Once the fireworks start, you can check your focus to make sure you’re still on target.
  5. ISO and Aperature: Set your ISO at a low setting, preferably at 100 or 200. A low ISO will prevent noise from being introduced into your images and will give you the cleanest shots possible. A good range for aperature is f/8 to f/16. With this you can easily capture the light trails and streaks. Test out and adjust the different ranges of ISO and aperature until you get the result you’re after.

Are you making a ProShow slideshow of your 4th of July weekend! Try incorporating the fireworks and light warp effects from the ProShow FX Pack Volume 6 to make your slideshow pop.

Do you have some tips to getting a great shot of fireworks photos? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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