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How to Make a Graduation Slideshow

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It’s that time of year again! Seniors are graduating high school and college, senior portraits have been taken, and school organizations are having end of year banquets. These are all great opportunities to present a slideshow.

ProShow is a great tool to build your video and look back on all your memories and experiences. It’s also a fun way to showcase your son, daughter, or any loved one’s milestones at a graduation party to share with family and friends.

How to Make a Slideshow

  1. Open ProShow
  2. Create a New Show: You can either go to Select File > New Show > Wizard or simply select the Wizard icon in the top left corner of the toolbar to get started.
  3. Choose a Theme: There are 35+ themes in ProShow Gold and 45+ themes in ProShow Producer for you to choose from. You can also turn your favorite fx into your own new theme or edit the default themes for another custom look.
  4. Add Photos & Video Clips: Add all the photos and videos you want to showcase. You can bring in content directly from your desktop or import content from Facebook, SmugMug, Zenfolio, or other services and apps.
  5. Add Title + Captions: Pair your photos with a personal message or opening title.
  6. Add Music: Set the tone of your slideshow by adding one or two of the hundreds of songs we have available from the built-in royalty-free ProShow music library. You can also bring in your own tracks to include in your slideshow. (You must be running ProShow 7 or later for access to the music library.)
  7. Click ‘Continue + Preview’ then ‘Apply + Exit Wizard’: You can now go in and edit your slideshow even more with all our ProShow tools. Have more than one song? Crossfade your tracks. Want to change the length of your slideshow? Select your photo(s) and edit the time. ProShow makes it easy to build your slideshow the way you want it.
  8. Want to apply custom slide styles? Check out a round-up of our top 10 favorite graduation FX. Double click on your photo > select the Slide Style tab > select the new effect > apply style. Your photo will now be updated with the new effect.
  9. Publish + Share: Once you’ve got your slideshow built just select the publish. Watch your graduation slideshow from your smart TV, computer, phone, tablet or online through social. You can even publish directly to DVD, Blu-ray, and more. With ProShow you have a variety of output options to choose from.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Include childhood and present photos: Tell the story by showcasing photos from childhood to growing up and graduating. Find all the good ones hidden in the back of the closet or old boxes…those photos are always fun to look back on.
  2. Montages: Show off those senior portraits, athletic photos, and childhood images in a fun multi-image montage. Check out a couple example fx here to get you started.
  3. Re-touch photos: Have an old scanned photo or maybe it has scratches or it’s kind of faded/dark? Use ProShow’s built-in editing tools to auto-correct, crop, sharpen, remove red-eye, and much more.
  4. Even more graduation FX: Our Favorite ProShow Effects for Graduation Slideshows

Got the right tool to build your slideshow?

Make a graduation slideshow with ProShow

With ProShow it takes minutes to create a beautiful slideshow using the automatic wizard and instant effects. To get started on your slideshow, get ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer today.

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