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Shelter Me Photography – Changing Minds By Touching Hearts

We love Shelter Me Photography!

What’s not to love?! They provide free onsite professional photography services, and low-to-no cost photography workshops to shelter, rescue and foster organizations throughout the U.S.

Wow! You might not realize just how important these services are. It can mean life or death to some of these little fur babes. Shelters are so overcrowded and well sadly more and more come in each day. Imagine if you will a family looking to adopt bases their entire visit to a shelter off of a photo they see online. Just that one photo. What if that photo looks blurry or seemed more like a mugshot then an image depicting the animals most photogenic characteristics? Well then they might just get passed up all together. And a mugshot looking picture… what we mean are those inside cage shots. These images should pique people’s interest and not look like perhaps that fur kid is a kibble stealing criminal serving hard time.

Shelter Me Photography strives to improve society’s perception of homeless pets by doing just that… They volunteer their time using professional photography and education to help pets find their forever homes. To sum it up. They are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to changing the way people view shelter animals through compelling, professional photographs.

Over the past 10 years they have photographed over 10,000 homeless animals in almost close to a hundred shelters throughout sixteen states. Their photos have consistently contributed to increased adoption rates, helped to find forever homes for many long-term, hard-to-place shelter residents and even prevented dogs on death row from being euthanized.

In January of 2013, SMP began teaching shelter photography workshops to animal welfare workers and volunteers to improve the lighting and shooting skills of those who capture intake and adoption pictures. The response was overwhelmingly positive with reports of measurable increases in adoption rates and significant boosts to the morale of staff members.

The video below was made in ProShow Producer to help spread the word about Shelter Me Photography and all the work they do. “This video helps showcase our photographs and explain our mission so beautifully. We can easily post this on our social media sites or use it at live events to drive traffic and increase awareness for our cause,” says Nanette Martin, co-founder, executive director and lead photographer at Shelter Me Photography.

Did you know?! Shelter Portraits are funded entirely by donations!

Did you also know?! It’s National Pet Day!

So… Why Not Donate? Each year, an estimated 7.6 million pets enter the shelter system in America. Nearly 70% never make it out alive. Shelter Me Photography is committed to saving homeless pets by changing society’s perception of them with pictures that touch hearts, change minds and save lives.

Click here to donate to Shelter Me Photography and help save lives by promoting shelter animals today!

To learn more about Shelter Me Photography, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


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