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8 Tips to Getting a Sharper Image

Have you ever taken an unintentional blurry photo? Getting a sharp and crisp photo can sometimes be a little difficult. To make it easier we’ve made a list of tips that will surely help you capture that awesome photo. 

  1. Choose the Right Shutter Speed: The slower the shutter speed, the more likely the image won’t be sharp. If your subject is moving or you’re hand-holding your camera then it’s likely to have a ‘blur’ result. The faster the shutter speed the less likely movement will make an impact.
  2. Use Manual Focus: By switching to manual you can tell the camera to specifically focus on only one point and that’s what is in sharp focus. This way your camera doesn’t choose the incorrect thing to focus on.
  3. Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction: If your camera has these features use them if you plan on hand-holding your camera. They allow you to shoot at lower shutter speeds and still get sharp images.
  4. Use a Tripod or Remote Release: The tripod will keep your camera stable and the release lets you shoot without touching your camera. An electronic or wireless release will work great. Using a tripod will help you focus more on the shot to get it done right resulting in sharp images.
  5. Adjust ISO: The higher your ISO the more ‘noise’ that will appear in your photos but it also means a faster shutter speed. Take some test shots and start at a low ISO and work your way up to find that sweet spot between blurry and grainy.
  6. Aperture: Also remember to consider depth of field, ISO, shutter speed, landscape or portrait photography and more when you’re setting up your aperture. Smaller apertures will soften a photo while larger apertures reduce your depth of field.
  7. Shoot Continous Bursts: Another trick you can use is to shoot in bursts. By taking a couple shots at a time you will get about two images that are sharp.
  8. Use a Quality Lens: Having a quality lens can be a great investment if you want noticeably sharper images. Depending on your choice of lens it may be costly but worth it in the long run.

So grab your cameras and get started on finding your sweet spots to achieve a sharper image.

For a deeper look on some of these tips check out our past guest post by Kevin Gourley. He shares 10 great tips for taking better pictures.

Did you take some sharp photos? Make sure you build a ProShow slideshow and send us your video to be a spotlight on our blog. To submit your slideshow click here and select the blog submission option.

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