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5 Exciting FX for Your Sports Slideshows

Diagonal Edge Dark Pan 1 – Effects Pack 6

Are you making an action-packed sports slideshow? To add some more excitement to your slideshow try using some of these awesome effects and transitions we’ve rounded up for you. They’re great for introducing a player or team, customizing team colors, stat slides, or for simply making your image cool and edgy.

ProShow has a variety of effects including a Sports & Action pack covering 15 major competitive athletic and performance categories.

1) Kinetic Spread Dark – Effects Pack 6

The kinetic spread gives your image a semi-transparent cascade from the original image for an edgy look. This effect comes in dark, light, as well as moving left or right across the screen.

2) Sports – Football USA 3 Stats – Sports & Action Pack

Are you presenting a team? Give each player a ‘Stats Card’ full of fun info including their position, goals/points scored, awards won, game wins, and anything else you want. The ‘Stats Card’ slide style effect is a completely customizable profile…from changing the default information to matching the colors to your school. For more information on customizing the colors click here.

3) Array – StylePack 5

Array also creates duplicates of the image, but it also gets spotlighted as the image is moving. Great for highlighting your favorite portrait or square image from a winning game.

4) Chevron Trail Vertical Light – Effects Pack 7

Chevrons always seem to be everywhere in sports. This transition in particular has two crossing arrows leaving a chevron patterned trail between slides. Time it perfectly and the crossing arrows also work as a very quick frame around your next image.

5) Sports – Basketball 2 Single – Sports & Action Pack

Some of the sports slide styles include a few overlays and backgrounds that allow you have a basketball, football, ice rink bankground, track field background, and more. A few more creative options to make your images stand out during your slideshow.

Watch the Sports & Action FX Pack Demo

To get a look at all that’s included in the sports & action pack check out our demo video! The pack works with ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web.

Also be sure to check out the rest of our Transitions and Effects Packs to add even more creativity to your awesome ProShow slideshows.

What are some of your favorite sports and action ProShow FX? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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