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ProShow Web and Hybrid Technology at Its Very Best

Intro by SCU President and founder of Marketing Essentials International, Skip Cohen
Just a few days ago Suzette shared the post below, but I’ve expanded it with two more videos of Panasonic’s LUMIX Luminary team. Without ProShow Web these would have taken her hours to create.

As you watch Suzette’s video, then Bob Coates’ and Giulio Sciorio’s pay attention to the design elements Suzette talks about in her post. These are just thirty second spots meant to be marketing pieces, while sharing beautiful images and creating impact.

Suzette’s quote below really says it all. You have more creative tools at your fingertips today than at any other time in the 175+ year history of photography. There’s no excuse for being “stuck in your ways.” If you’re not offering slideshows in your services and products you’re missing an incredible opportunity to build a stronger revenue stream. Even more important is goodwill with your clients and establishing a reputation as the leader in storytelling!

In another 2-3 months we’re going to hit spring seasonality with Mother’s Day, graduation, and Father’s Day. Now is the time to be thinking about how to take full advantage of the timing and utilize your skill set to create high-impact presentations that leave your clients speechless!

Photodex has created the very best presentation tools, but you have to start with the right ingredients – great images. Remember, you’ve got a responsibility to always give your clients the very best.

“Let the technology of today HELP you! There are so many great tools out there we just don’t use because we get stuck in our old ways.” – Suzette Allen

by Hybrid Imaging Pro Suzette Allen

Making videos does take time. I’m not going to lie to you. But there are ways to make it go faster and shave off time if you utilize the right software. And it doesn’t look like you cut corners – it actually can make it look even MORE customized!

How is that possible? Well, I use Photodex’s ProShow Web to put many clips together and add the pretty transitions and flow. The extra special touches I love are the ways it takes a square or vertical video and fills in the sides of the video frame with blurred-out-but-matching moving areas that look SO good! It would take a ridiculous amount of time to do that by hand!

So, today I made a short 30 sec. video to represent me as a LUMIX Luminary for Panasonic, and I’m actually going to make one for each of the team – all 12 Luminaries! How best to save time, than to use ProShow Web to do the heavy lifting for me and put all the pieces together?

I pulled my videos and stills into ProShow Web and created a show without music. Then I downloaded it as an HD version and opened it in Photoshop. One of the reasons I did that was I need two soundtracks. One of my voice over and one of the music. That can’t be done in ProShow Web, but is easily done in Photoshop.

I created a blank doc in 1080. I added my voice track and music and trimmed to 30 sec and saved it. Then I just pulled in the PSW video on top of that! In the end I shortened a few clips and added a few stills on top, but overall it saved me a ton of time and made the cool backgrounds for the verticals and beautiful edges!

The final version is exported out of Photoshop and posted on YouTube and in our presentation…now to do this 9 more times! Thanks, Photodex, for making life easier!

Suzette’s Video
Bob Coates’ Video
Giulio Sciorio’s Video

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