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10 Fun Photo Projects for Valentine’s Day

Looking for creative ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’ve rounded up 10 fun photo projects for Valentine’s Day for you to try out. These are great for some quick last minute craft projects, decorations, or gifts.

  1. Valentine’s Day Photo Party Poppers: Give your friends and family a nice little surprise full of flying confetti and glitter. This Valentine’s Day photo party popper is a fun diy project.
  2. DIY Creative Box Photo Album: Pick your favorite photos and create a cute little box photo album. Remove the lid and flip through your memories just like a scrapbook.
  3. Valentine’s Day Photo Blocks: Make a personalized gift with photo blocks that can be displayed for all to see. Learn how with this quick step-by-step tutorial.
  4. Mini Photo Pendants: Use your photos to make mini pendants or magnets. Carry your memories with you everywhere, they’re great for charm bracelets, necklaces, and more.
  5. DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set: Give your photos that polaroid feel by making wooden frames for them. Add a love note, date, or anything you want to remember that favorite memory.
  6. Valentine’s Garland: “Hang a love garland above your door or on your mantle. Alternate heart-shaped photos with patterned paper for a pretty display that says I love you.”
  7. Candy Box Photo Frame:“Give an empty heart shaped candy box new life as a Valentine’s Day photo frame.”
  8. Photo Bunting Valentine:Looking for something more creative than the usual box of cards? Try adding some quote graphics to fun pictures and make a silly photo bunting Valentine.
  9. DIY Valentine Photo Puzzle: Print out your favorite photo and glue them to craft sticks. Once you’re done, add a sweet note on the back before you separate the sticks creating your puzzle.
  10. Valentine Photo Strip: Grab a couple photos and make a cute little gift box full of memories. Learn how to make a quick diy photo strip and add a little sweet surprise underneath for your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Slideshow!

Don’t forget you can also make a cute Valentine’s Day slideshow with ProShow! Use the ‘Love and Hearts’ theme or add some of our fun Valentine’s effects like ‘Heart Strings‘ or ‘Sweet Heart‘ into your video. Share the love with your friends and family.

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