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How to Photograph at Night

Have you taken a photo of the moon, lit up city skyline, or stars and it doesn’t turn out how you expected? Night photography can be difficult so we’ve made a list of tips to help you take that awesome night picture. We’ve also found some great collections of night photography for inspiration to get y’all started.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Aperture and ISO: If you’re doing light trails you want to keep your ISO at a low setting like 100 or 200 to prevent noise with an aperture of f/8 to f/16 to capture the light streaks. When you are doing a regular night shoot then adjust to a higher ISO and an aperture with a wider opening to allow more light in.
  2. Shoot in RAW: By shooting in RAW format there’ll be more detail in the photo. Basically, this will maximize image quality and minimize noise. It will also give you more control in the editing process later on for contrast, sharpness, white balance, highlights, etc.
  3. Manual Focus or Bulb Mode: Turn on your manual focus instead of using auto. This allows you to stay locked on the target and produce sharper looking images. You can also try going into bulb mode to get the most amount of light or achieve very long exposures.
  4. Use Tripod and Shutter Release: Avoid movement. The less you touch the camera, the better. Use a tripod to keep stable during a long exposure shot or a regular snapshot and a shutter release to take the picture without touching the camera.
  5. Go to Location Early: Avoid fumbling, wasting time, or other unexpected surprises and get there early to set up. It will only get darker and you’ll likely not be able to see what you’re doing or where you’re going. You can also claim the perfect spot if you’re at a popular location. Plus, getting there early will also give you a chance to take some sunset/twilight photos or some cityscapes with beautifully colored skies.


  1. Roamin with Roman: Roman is a well-respected artist who shoots everything from landscape to macro, night shots and everything in between. Check out a few tips directly from him on shooting great night photography here or visit his website to browse through his galleries.
  2. nightphotography: Looking for more ideas? Browse through this night photography Instagram account full of beautiful cityscapes, lights, stars, galaxies, and much more.
  3. 15+ Breathtaking Photos of Starry Skies That Will Inspire You to Look Up: These photos will make you feel like you’re wandering in another world. These starry sky images will definitely get the creative juices flowing.

Did you capture some great night photos? Create a ProShow slideshow of your nighttime adventures. Also try incorporating the ‘Sparkle Motion’ slide styles or title designs from the ProShow FX Pack Volume 7 as a part of the nighttime theme. FX Pack 7 is available for ProShow Producer 8.

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