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365-Day Photo Project


Are you looking to develop your photography skills? Challenge yourself this year and start a 365-day photo project. That’s right…one photo every day for a year!

Every day is a good day to try something new. From trying new photography techniques to themes or maybe just what makes you happy that day. It’s a great way to visually see your progress or see where you want to improve on throughout the year.

Let’s get you started with some inspiration and tips!

Photography Techniques

Get out of your comfort zone and try to perfect your photography skills that you’ve been wanting to try out. Like long exposure, macro, bokeh, etc…are some fun ones to get started with. Macro is definitely a quick way to grab a last minute picture if you’re stumped or forgot about one for the day.

Set a Theme

Focus on one single thing all year and capture it in a variety of creative ways. Your style will come across in each image you take. Ex: food, nature, or cityscape photography, or just use the same prop in each image.


Similar to theme, see how many things you can find of the same color every day. You may surprise yourself with what you come across. Even if you get tired of the same color just continue onto another color after each week or month. By the end you’ll have a rainbow of images.

Collect Images

Post daily to Instagram, a photography community, or anywhere you’d like to share. Maybe even come up with a fun hashtag for your followers! This is a great motivator and people will give you encouragement, ideas, and this also provides accountability.

If you prefer not to share…another fun way to keep track of your images is by using a Collect App, it’ll organize your photos on a calendar this way you can see your progress or if you missed a day. If you want to keep it simple…just create a 365-day photo project album in your phone to keep them separate from your other photos.

Make a Slideshow

Photography by Jack Hollingsworth. Video made in ProShow Web.

See how far you’ve come since your first day. Collect all your images to showcase your work in a fun and unique ProShow video. You don’t have to have followed a theme, it could be completely random and just be about you and your days.

Grab your camera and get started!

Want to start smaller? Try out the 52-week photo project and capture a quick picture each week.

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Kathy is the Marketing Coordinator at Photodex. She likes to be creative with photography and programs like Photoshop. What she thought was a hobby growing up became a career. She enjoys living in Austin, but also loves to adventure to new places.