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Wrap Up Your Slideshow

gift that tells a story (2)

Admit it. It’s always nice when we receive a customized gift, such as a slideshow made with ProShow. Take this one step further and present your creative slideshow with some impressive packaging.

We’ve reached a point where technology is being used as gifts. Just handing someone a USB drive or a plain DVD isn’t very stunning. It’d still be nice to have it show some effort went into the idea, whether the recipient be personal or professional.

Aside from packaging, we’ve also found some great options to customize the USB drive and DVD itself. This allows you to be very creative and to be able to bring those ideas to life.

You’d think there would be a limited variety, but the choices are endless. Simple and sleek, complex and fancy, cork, crystal, leather, and more!

Here are some of our favorite folio and flash drive packaging sites. The choice is yours.

1) Photo Flash Drive

photoflashdrive image
What is great about Photo Flash Drive is that they don’t have a minimum order requirement. Just choose the capacity of the USB then begin to customize. Some interesting options they offer are drives made out of Bamboo and a cork flash bottle. Check it out.

2) Loxley Colour

loxleycolour image
All the way from Scotland, Loxley Colour offers beautiful covers for your DVD folio or USB box. The Damask and Linen material have some very pretty patterns formed.

3) H+H Color Lab

h-h-color-lab image
Check out H+H Color Lab if you’re interested in the vintage style. They have cute wood boxes with a distressed look. Finish it off with a simple custom engraving.

4) Miller’s Professional Imaging

millers lab
Keep it modern with some customized acrylic USB drives. This is available to purchase as a combination with a custom USB box as well. Save time and create/order everything at once.

5) MpixPro

mpixpro image
To make this gift even more special, MpixPro has handmade DVD cases wrapped in textured satin. This gift will always be remembered because their DVD printing won’t fade.

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