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5 Fun Photo Gifts!


Are you struggling to find the photographer in your life something special? We’ve compiled a short list of 5 fun gifts all for $50 or less. We all know a shutterbug and these gifts will definitely put a smile on their face and a little joy in their heart.

  • The GorillaPod, King Size
    Tired of carrying heavy gear? The GorillaPod is lightweight with flexible arms to wrap around almost anything to help you get more creative and take pictures from different angles. It can support cell phones, and even your camera with a zoom lens and flash! Price: $50
  • ProShow Web Plus
    Share you holiday memories by combining videos and photos from your camera roll, Facebook, and Instagram. Instantly apply tons of special effects and access tracks directly from the built-in music library to create amazing on-the-go HD slideshows. For faster slideshow creation ProShow also offers a free app for current subscribers for your mobile device. Price: $48/year
  • Ring Light
    The macro ring light is great for detailed illumination and creating ring lights in the subjects eyes with fashion and portrait work. It’s also a must have for nature photographers who like to capture macro and close ups of wildlife. It’s lightweight and compact so you can take it with you anywhere! Sale Price:$29.95
  • 5-in-1 Reflector Pro
    Be prepared! Not all locations are the same…which means the lighting will be different for each situation. Included in the pack is the diffuser disc and 4 reflectors in soft gold, soft silver, soft white, and black. Available in a variety of sizes. Price: $39.95 for 32in
  • Camera Lens Mug
    Keep your drinks hot or cold with this silly lens mug. Perfect for this winter weather. It also comes with a lens hood that doubles as mini plate for cookies and other small snacks to munch on. Just remember not to confuse it with your real camera lens. Price: $10.99
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Kathy is the Marketing Coordinator at Photodex. She likes to be creative with photography and programs like Photoshop. What she thought was a hobby growing up became a career. She enjoys living in Austin, but also loves to adventure to new places.