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FX Pack 7 Favorites Round-Up

Dot Matrix, Effects Pack 7

Give your ProShow Producer 8 slideshows all new visual flair with Effects Pack 7. Perfect for adding that pop of excitement to a variety of shows, from holidays to birthdays to corporate slideshows, and more. It’s jam packed with a variety of slide styles, transitions, and title designs. Check out a round-up of some of our favorites below.

1. Animated Cutout

animated-cutout-4   animated-cutout-3
For a clean feel, Animated Cutout reveals its images by expanding in sequence or by simply sliding into the frame.

2. Comic Book

comic-book-3   comic-book-4
The Comic Book effect is perfect for telling a fun story. With multiple panels and it’s retro filter, you’ll feel like you’re reading a real comic.

3. Honeycomb Frames

honeycomb-frames-4   honeycomb-frames-3
Use the Honeycomb transition effect to act as a cutout between images. The cutout is divided into pieces giving you a feeling of surprise before the reveal of the next image.

4. Interlaced Shadows

interlaced-shadows-4   interlaced-shadows-5
Interlaced shadows adds everything to your title text layer. From shapes to colors and more. This gives your text the look of energy with all the movement and shadows going on behind it.

5. Sparkle Motion

sparkle-motion-3   sparkle-motion-4
Sparkle Motion features a series of gold and silver stars coming in waves or circles, spinning or falling, with a text layer or image(s).

6. Transcendent Shapes

transcendent-shapes-3   transcendent-shapes-4
Add a fun pattern behind your zooming images with a variety of lines and shapes. You can also make include this as a text effect. The spinning motion behind the text and image is a great attention grabber.

7. Diagonal Stripes

diagonal-stripes-3   diagonal-stripes-4
This stylish transition effect gives your images the look of them coming together with diagonal stripes emerging from the center or from the outside to expose the new image. Great for a variety of shows.

Don’t forget to download your FX Pack 7 Freebie, ‘Concentric Twist‘! Go here to learn how to download the effect and add it to your slideshow today.

Still looking for more variety? ProShow has many built-in FX and an even wider selection available in other ProShow FX Packs.

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