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6 Impactful Intro & Title FX for Your Slideshows

Flourish Title Image Blur – FX Pack 6

Looking to make an impact? First impressions are important and your intro slide will set the tone for the rest of your slideshow. All it takes is giving your intro a little extra effort so everyone can get a feel of what’s to come.

It can be a classy title, quote, your logo, or a multi-image montage as a quick overview teaser. Not all slideshows are the same and with a variety of intro slides in ProShow you’ll definitely find one that’s effective for you.

To narrow it down, we’ve rounded up 6 intro and title fx to grab your audience’s attention.

Chevron Banner

Chevron Banner offers a variety of options to make your title and/or image stand out. Include an image as the focal point opposite of the banner overlay, a blank slide, or a blurred motion image for more impact. Availble in FX Pack 6.

Cinematic Light

For a more modern look, incorporate the Cinematic Light title slide. The blurred image background gives everyone a sneak peak of what’s in store in your slideshow. Available in FX Pack 6.

Alternating Squares

A simple montage with several variations that feature images progressing horizontal, diagonal, or alternating images in a stationary layout. Available in Stylepack 5.

Remember – Title

From the ‘An Affair to Remember’ Theme, give your slideshow intro a polished vintage vibe with the ‘Remember’ title slide. Perfect for adding some personalization for any special occasion. Available as a free download.

Block Collage

The Block Collage is great for adding a quick multi-image montage as an overview teaser. It features alternating images in a block collage of mixed shapes and sizes as your title appears. Availble in Stylepack 5.

Damask Elegance

This classic design is perfect for any wedding or formal occasion. Add couple’s names, date of the event, or maybe even a quote of what’s to come. Available as a free download.

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