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10 Food Photography Blogs, Tips, and Inspiration


We’ve all done it…tried to take that perfect photo of our food before we dig in. Sometimes no matter how many shots we take we still aren’t satisfied with the outcome.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s only natural to want to show off amazing photos of all those traditional family dishes, garnishes, desserts, and everything else that screams Thanksgiving dinner.

Check out these awesome blogs, articles, and galleries full of tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you up your food photography game!

  1. We Eat Together: Skyler and Heather focus on dedicating their blog to both food and photography. Not only do you get photography tips and tutorials, but you can also find many recipes to try out. Plus, they offer a food photography course for those who want to improve their skills.
  2. Andrew Scrivani: Looking for some inspiration? Andrew’s website and Instagram is full of mouth watering food photos. He’s an internationally recognized workshop instructor and columnist on the subject of food visuals.
  3. 5 Tips for Taking Mouth-Watering Food Photos: Capture the perfect foodie pic with a few simple tips. From lighting to patterns, you’ll capture a great food photo in no time.
  4. Penny De Los Santos: Penny’s ‘evolution into food photography has allowed her to explore and celebrate culture, history and community through the lens of food.’ See her variety of food photography galleries and check out her 1-day workshop on lighting and composition.
  5. Two Loves Studio: Rachel rounded up 99 Food Photography Tips to Blow Your Mind from many photographers, bloggers, and more. There’s Food Photography and Lighting Tips, Hacks, Propping & Styling, and Creative Mindset. Check out her blog for more inspiration and tutorials.
  6. 5 Common Food Photography Mistakes: Can’t forget the don’ts! Learn how to avoid 5 common mistakes and how to fix it. Also, remember to shoot a lot, practice always helps to master the perfect photo.
  7. Tim Hill Food Photographer: Browse through Tim’s galleries and you’ll get that food photography hunger. It’s not all Tim though, he has a partner, Zoe who styles the food and props before Tim photographs and completes the post production.
  8. 8 Tips for Food Photography Newbies: Are you just starting out? Check out these 8 tips to get the ball rolling. Food photography doesn’t always have to be clean and perfect, add some crumbs or bites to give it a more authentic feel.
  9. 13 Tips for Beautiful & Tempting iPhone Food Photography: Learn how to use your iPhone to take amazing food pictures. Sometimes you don’t always have a camera with you and your iPhone could come in handy. Follow these techniques to create a delicious food photo.
  10. Kyle Dreier: Kyle has some amazing food photography galleries, but he also has some fun food photography stop motion videos. Looking through Kyle’s page will definitely start to get those creative juices flowing.

Once you’ve captured all those amazing food photos, be sure to include them in your Thanksgiving slideshows! Family gatherings are such a great time to capture portraits of friends, family and the festivities. Turn those memories into a memorable slideshow with ProShow.

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