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Fall Foliage Photography Tips and Tricks


Ready to capture the beautiful change of seasons? Check out our roundup of tips and tricks below. Brush up on your macro skills, start a new photography project or plan a fun trip to photograph beautiful fall foliage.

Then don’t forget to gather up all those great fall shots and make an awesome seasonal ProShow slideshow. Our ‘Falling Leaves’ freebie effects are the icing on the cake! Download them free today to add the look of falling leaves to your show.

  1. 15 Ideas for Your Autumn Photography
    15 ideas you can put to use in your own photography this autumn.
  2. Tips to Improve Your Fall Color Photography
    Learn when its best to photograph all the awesome fall colors with 5 tips from photographer Don Smith.
  3. Techniques for Fall Color Photography
    Try out these 10 creative techniques to make the best autumn images. From long exposure to depth of field, this article is filled with many ideas.
  4. 10 Destinations for Amazing Autumn Photography
    There are countless destinations that can make your autumn photos very memorable. Check out a short list of 10 amazing locations to get you started.
  5. 27 Awesome Autumn Photography Projects You Must Try
    Get out and try something new with one of these interesting photography projects. Click each topic to get a deeper look with some tips and tricks.
  6. 20+ Beautiful Autumn Photos Will Inspire You to Grab Your Camera
    Check out a roundup of images to get you inspired and start taking autumn photos today! You don’t need to be a professional to capture all the colors that nature has to offer.
  7. Macro Photos Capture the Stunning Diversity of Autumn Leaves
    Show off every little detail fall leaves have by getting up close. Macro photography is a fun way to make a simple subject very interesting and see things from a different point of view.
  8. 8 Essential Tips for Autumn Color
    Landscape and nature photographer Joseph Rossbach shares his techniques for incredible autumn photographs. From the basics to a few challenges, you’ll want to try these out on your next photography shoot.
  9. Add Motion to Your Fall Photography to Help it Stand Out
    Change it up! Try some different shots to create some unique photos to help them stand out from the rest. Add some motion, from falling leaves to moving water, you’ll capture another essence that fall has to offer.

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