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Using Video Slideshows to Market a Small Business

Today’s guest post comes from Amanda Deer Jewelry

Video has become a huge part of how small businesses market their goods and services. But, as a small business owner, there’s usually very little time to allocate to actually making and producing a video. That’s why tools like ProShow are so incredibly handy – they do most of the work for you and produce stunning quality results.

A little about me…I run a handmade jewelry line called Amanda Deer. We make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in our studio in Austin, Texas and sell our products through our website, and sites like Etsy and Amazon. Having compelling visuals is key to making our brand successful and ProShow helps us do that.

We typically release a new line every quarter. Along with the line, we shoot a stylized lookbook to show off new pieces. The finished photos are used to sell our products online and we also create a few different video slideshows with ProShow for marketing on social media.

Instagram Video

ProShow helps us make short, 10-20 second videos for Instagram. We’ve even done a few stop motion videos to promote some new necklaces, they are very well received and help us say so much more about our products in a short amount of time.

Lookbook Video

Along with the click-through lookbook we provide on our website, we also put together a slideshow of all the images. This can be used on YouTube, Vimeo and even on Etsy, which has recently allowed members to upload videos to promote their products. Woohoo!

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The same lookbook video can be used on our Facebook page which gets tons of views and clicks when you add a call-to-action link at the end if we choose to use the video as an advertisement for our page.

These are just a few ways ProShow helps us market our products. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try!

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