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Have you ever taken that back road home, took an outdoor trip, and just wanted to capture the beautiful scenery? Learn to capture some amazing landscape shots with our roundup of helpful tips, blogs, inspiration and more below.

You’ll be taking breathtaking landscape photos in no time. And be sure to share all those wonderful images by creating a ProShow slideshow.

  1. Landscape Photography Tips: National Geographic created a list of interesting subjects to photograph on all your landscape adventures.
  2. 23 Landscape Photography Tips From a Pro: Location, time, gear, and more. Improve your landscape photography skills by following a few tips and tricks from professional photographer, Iurie Belegurschi.
  3. Landscape Photographer for the Serious Amateur: Are you just getting started in landscape photography? Check out a few tips from landscape photographer, Chris Gin, who just started out in landscape a few years ago. He knows firsthand about the learning curve and hopes to help others who are also interested in landscape photography.
  4. 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips: Explore your environment and experiment with different shots to achieve a variety of results. By adding different elements and choosing the right focal point, you’ll capture something truly unique.
  5. 10 Exciting & Creative Landscape Photography Tips: Get out of your comfort zone and try something new with a few tips and tricks on landscape photography.
  6. Outdoor Photographer: Check out the Nature & Landscapes section in Outdoor Photographer for creative tips and inspiration. Still want to learn more? You can also look into their other categories such as photo editing tips, wildlife & travel photography, or maybe join a tour & workshop for a more hands on experience.
  7. Visual Wilderness: Join a community of dedicated photographers who are learning to build skills and develop a unique photographic style.
  8. Outdoor Photo Academy: Get started with helpful tutorials, techniques, tips, and more all at your fingertips. You can also subscribe to receive newsletters, and photography guides for free. Check it out! Everything is categorized, making your photography search even easier.
  9. The Art and Craft of Landscape Photography: Professional photographer, Michael Frye specializes in landscape photography, and he has also written for many magazine articles, and published five books. Subscribe to his blog for tutorials, landscape tips, and more.
  10. Landscape Photography by David Gibbeson: “I travel to locations to take photos, I love making the most of whatever Mother Nature throws my way; sometimes she blesses you with unforgettable moments that make capturing them even more special.” David’s images have been used in fine art prints, stock images, published in books, and more.
  11. Nature’s Best – Don Smith Photography: Join Don Smith on one of his workshops and get some hands on experience in landscape photography. Don is a landscape photography expert, he’s published several books, and you can learn more of his techniques & tips on his blog.

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