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The Pure Fun of a Behind the Scenes Video

Intro by SCU President and founder of Marketing Essentials International, Skip Cohen.

There’s so much terrific content in the Photodex blog, not only new material being added every week, but terrific content in their archives. Here’s one I wanted to share written by “Dylan” from last year, but I want to hit a couple of points just a little harder. After all, that’s what Photodex Fridays are all about! And, I’m always sharing on Fridays so this is fresh in your minds when you’re photographing an event over the weekend.

If you’re not offering clients video slideshows you’re missing an incredible opportunity to build a stronger business. Remember your primary goal – to exceed client expectations. There’s no better way than to over-deliver and being a storyteller, presentations like this are always well-received.

A slideshow like Byron and Wendy Roe, shared below, gives you a special style to visually demonstrate your passion for the craft. It’s a terrific way to introduce yourself to the bride, before she even picks up the phone to call you. Remember, brides aren’t looking to hear about how you got started, what gear you use or what awards you’ve won, but why you’re a photographer.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Last on the list for this post is the whole concept of creating a “Behind the Scenes” video, especially for wedding clients. We all know that the wedding day is not a day when as Bambi Cantrell has so often said, “logic reigns as king!” It’s chaos and high stress, seasoned with moments of humor. Yet no matter how chaotic it might be, as photographers you always capture the story and if done right, make yourself habit-forming to the client.

So my suggestion is to have some fun with a secondary show, capturing the humor, the stress and then tell the story in the tradition of a BTS video. And, with technology today, you’ve also got a chance to bring in short video clips and create a hybrid show with your still images. Put it all to music and you’ve got the ingredients for a home run every time. Plus, with a BTS presentation, you’ve got a chance to bring in your personality and sense of humor, as you share the story of a very special event launching the start of a new family.

There are two more terrific BTS videos below, giving you more inspiration to create slideshows with great impact. Plus, check out ProShow 8, just recently introduced!

Wishing everybody a terrific weekend, and if you’re shooting, remember you’ve got the most creative tools in the 175+ year history of photography! Photodex isn’t just a company with great software, they’re building new creative tools all the time to help you raise the bar on every presentation!

Byron Roe Photography

By Photodex

A behind the scenes video gives potential clients a glimpse of what it would be like to work with you. It’s a great way to show off your style, personality and a collection of your best shots. Here are some helpful tips on how to create your own behind the scenes video.

On your next shoot, have someone come along and capture some photos and video clips of you in-action with the client. Then assemble those scenes along with a collection of your best shots in a dynamic video slideshow to create your own behind the scenes video.

Shots to include in your behind the scenes video:

  • Setting up a scene, adjusting a veil or re-positing a prop
  • Posing a couple, model or family
  • Short video of customers laughing, enjoying the experience
  • Different angles of you photographing clients
  • Bride or model getting make up or hair done
  • Video testimonial from client, why they love working with you
  • Reaction shots of you and clients
  • Your gear behind the scenes, backdrops, reflectors, assistants, etc…
  • Interview-style video of you – why you love being a photographer

Using this content, assemble a video slideshow that tells the story of what it’s like to work with you. Try interspersing a few video clips here and there between still shots to give your video a documentary-style vibe. Include video testimonials from clients but remember to keep them relatively short and focused. Choose music that helps define your style and keeps viewers interested.

Your behind the scenes video should make potential clients feel like they are getting to know you before you even meet face-to-face for the first time. Remember to share your video on Facebook, YouTube and your blog to get as many views as possible.

ProShow is an easy-to-use tool that photographers around the world use to create professional photo + video slideshows for clients. Try it free today to create your own behind the scenes video.

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Skip Cohen is President of SCU, founder of Marketing Essentials International and past president of Rangefinder Publishing and WPPI. He’s been an active participant in the photographic industry since joining Hasselblad USA in 1987 as president. He has co-authored six books on photography and actively supports dozens of projects each year involving photographic education.

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