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Cool Gadgets for Your Summer Slideshows

cool summer gadgets

Summer is full of many fun outdoor activities. Most include water, rough areas, and a lot of action. This means your camera, phones, and other gadgets are at risk.

Don’t be held back because you don’t have the right equipment. Capture your memories with some of these awesome gadgets and gear to help you build your summer slideshow.

Waterproof Gear
Water and electronics are not friends. With the DiCAPac waterproof case, you will have easy access to all controls and still take quality photos because of the UV coating on the lens. Your camera will be safe underwater up to 5 meters. Plus, it’ll bounce right back up if you accidentally drop it in the water. You can definitely rely on this protective housing for your underwater adventures. (The housing will fit SLR cameras with a length of 7.5″ or smaller and lenses 2″ to 6″ long).

LifeProof Case
Nowadays we can’t go anywhere without our cell phones. How can you share all your water and action adventures with everyone without damaging your phone? WaterProof, DirtProof, and DropProof your phone with the LifeProof case. Available for iPhones, Galaxy’s, and more.

Do you love extreme adventures? GoPros are awesome for capturing amazing photos and videos. They also have many accessories available like housing cases (underwater or stealth), mounts (for bikes, helmets, tripods and more), and cool lens filters. Document your adventures from a whole new point of view.

Waterproof Video Cameras
Don’t want to take the risk with underwater housing for your camera? Try a waterproof rugged camera or camcorder! Take these little guys wherever you go this summer. Check out a list of different camera and camcorders and find what’s right for you.

What’s your favorite summer gadget? Let us know in the comments below!

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