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10 ProShow Keyboard Shortcuts


ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer have many keyboard shortcuts to help you get around the software quick and easy. We’ve rounded up the most commonly used shortcuts when creating slideshows.

  1. Play/Pause: Space Bar
    Simply hit the space bar to play or pause your show’s preview.
  2. Manage Effects: CTRL+E
    Great for quickly opening up the Manage Effects dialog and adding an effect to any slide in your show.
  3. Insert Title Slide: CTRL+ALT+B
    A quick tap of these three keys and the Slide Options window will pop open with the cursor blinking and ready for you to type in a caption for a title slide.
  4. Combine Slides: ALT+C
    Want to quickly combine two slides into one? Select both slides then hit ALT+C on your keyboard.
  5. Sync Show to Audio: CTRL+T
    Quickly sync your slides to your soundtrack by hitting CTRL+T.
  6. Watermark: CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+W
    Add a watermark to your slideshow by hitting this combo of keys together. Show Options will automatically open where you can browse your computer for a watermark and add it to your slideshow.
  7. Remix Slides: CTRL+R
    Select a group of slides and then hit CTRL+R on your keyboard. The wizard will open so you can remix just that selection of slides.
  8. Remix All Slides: CTRL+ALT+R
    Same as above but you’ll be remixing all the slides in your show.
  9. Publish: CTRL+P
    Quickly open the publishing options to output your slideshow.
  10. Collect Show Files: CTRL+ALT+C
    Quickly make a copy of all the files in your show for safe keeping.

Check out all our other shortcuts by downloading a free PDF of all the ProShow keyboard shortcuts on our site.

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