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10 Inspirational Nature Photography Blogs


Today is Nature Photography Day! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 10 inspirational nature photography blogs. These blogs include tips and tricks, e-books, galleries, workshops, and lists of breathtaking locations to photograph.

So grab your camera and take an outdoor adventure. Capture nature, wildlife, landscapes, and all the beauty around you. Look back on your adventures and relive the moments by creating a ProShow slideshow.

10 Nature Photography Blogs to Inspire You

  1. Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog: An attraction to the woods and meadows as a child magnified as an adult. He finds interest in all aspects of the natural world and small details. His passion comes through in his images, check them out.
  2. Looking at the West: Andrew McAllister, landscape photographer, shares his photography of the western half of the US. His blog includes National Parks, small western towns, and reviews on gear.
  3. Show Me Nature Photography: Jim Braswell photographs the actions and behaviors of the wildlife around us. He also holds nature photography workshops to help educate others.
  4. Nature Photography Blog: Chris Dodds is not only a Canadian wildlife and nature photographer, but a nature photography workshop/safari instructor, blogger, and photography educator.
  5. Art in Nature Photography: Seattle based photographer Floris Van Breugel has a passion for the natural world. This was the driving force behind his photography, which combines his love of art, discovery, and creativity.
  6. Notes from the Woods: Explore the natural wonders in the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the wildlife and majestic landscapes of Alaska with Mark Graf.
  7. Ethan Meleg Outdoor Photography: Growing up near a birding hotspot lead to exploring the natural world through his camera. Follow Ethan on all his birding, wildlife, and other outdoor adventures.
  8. Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog: Kerry Mark Leibowitz loves everything about landscape photography. From capture to print. Browse through his galleries and you’ll see that passion.
  9. Nature Photographers Network: The Nature Photographers Network is for nature enthusiasts of all levels. Their focus is on the art and technique of nature, wildlife and landscape photography.
  10. Visual Wildnerness: A community of dedicated photographers who are learning to build skills and develop a unique photographic style.

After you’ve gathered all your images, it’s time to make that ProShow slideshow. Add more to your nature slideshows by downloading our Summer Creative Kit full of backgrounds, borders, and other fun elements.

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