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Senior ‘Class’ with Trevor Ray Thompson Photography

Creating Stunning Senior Portraits with Trevor Ray Photography

Our marketing team here at Photodex as it would seem, have been a group of non-stop travelers as of late. Just call us photography driven movers and caffeine induced/fueled shakers… but no really it’s been great attending shows like Shutterfest, WPPI, SYNC, Photo Expo Pro, and that’s just to name a few. Fortunately, along the way we’ve met some über talented people and luckily we’re constantly learning about neat new trends in the industry.

Recently, we can’t help but notice that Senior Photography has been a total buzz topic and is making some serious traction in the industry for not only style but it’s unique social and marketing influences alike, and we can totally see why…

Think back! High School. It’s a beautiful stage in life to not only celebrate but also to capture and share those effervescent moments in time with friends, family and even perhaps at some point a later interval in your own life. Its all about the promise of future, choices, achieving possible goals that are all right before that next big step. Personalities not only shine but they glisten and teens are filled with both hope and excitement. Ummm. Not to mention the fashion with this crowd is seriously on point!

Which brings us to one of our newest featured photographers. Drumroll… please for Trevor Ray Thompson!

Trevor Ray Thompson Photography is a boutique senior portrait studio in the heart of Austin, Texas. This fun little studio has earned multiple nationally recognized awards for it’s stunning senior photography not to mention Trevor Ray Thompson is also featured in several nationally recognized magazines and publications.

We caught up with Trevor this week and asked him a few questions to gain insights on his work style, creative style, people style and…well also how he is able to get some of those amazing Senior snaps. See the Q&A below!

*Be sure to check out this ProShow Web slideshow we put together with images from some of his stunning Senior sessions.

Q&A with Trevor Ray:

Q. Hey Trevor! Tell us a little about you?

A. About me…I’m Trevor Ray Thompson. I’m a husband to an amazing woman and a father of three wonderful children. I have a passion for using my photography to capture the beauty in everyone. That beauty starts with a laugh. I believe in the God-given gift of LAUGHTER. We all must find ways to laugh, even in the face of deadlines and stress of everyday life. Through humor, we can find a better understanding of each other and ourselves. Laughter breaks down walls and liberates us.

Q. How do you come up with your concepts for styling your shoots / where do you find inspiration to keep your photography creative and unique?

A. First and foremost, I meet with my senior client ahead of our shooting session and try to get to know them a bit better. We discuss ideas and I try to make it as collaborative as possible. My goal is to capture their story through portraits.

Q. What is your camera and preferred lens of choice to use when shooting senior photography?

A. Nikon D3S and I love my Nikkor 85mm f/1.4

Q. What is your favorite thing about working with seniors?

A. I have a passion for creating stunning senior portraits. I also have always had a heart for the younger generation. They are our future. It is my desire to use my photography to empower seniors and help them share their story.

Q. Where are some of your favorite places to do senior photo-shoots? 

A. Sometimes the location can drown out the portrait. I try to use a location that fit’s the particular senior’s style. I’ve got some great spots I use from country outdoors to urban downtown.

Q. How has Senior photography evolved your personal & work style?

A. My style has stayed the same. I don’t try to change myself to appeal to seniors. I just be who I am. Funny hat and all.

Q. What is your most important marketing tool to reach the senior market?

A. Snapchat. There is an art to using Snapchat in a way to reach teens. Don’t come across as an advertisement. Just be real. But G rated real. Maybe PG.

Q. Tell us about We Are The SEEN?
(we see you have an amazing presence there and we want to know more)

A. We Are The Seen is a group of elite photographers from around the country focused on finding “The Undiscovered”.

We provide a voice and a platform for high school students to express themselves and tell their unique story. The focus is on individualism, undiscovered talent and originality.

When you have your Senior Portraits done with Trevor Ray Thompson Photography (*link to TRT on We Are The SEEN) you have additional and exclusive opportunities to be featured on a national level in monthly editorials. You can also have your images entered in a national model competition to become one of “The 12” whose stories are featured in SEEN magazine – a national style and culture magazine. Model winners will attend a 2-day in the L.A. fashion district to shoot with us and the leading photographers in the country for feature in SEEN Magazine.

Q. If you were to impart 1 tip to photographers thinking about getting into Senior Photography, what would it be?

A. Oh wow, there’s so many things to consider. But I’d say that “One Thing” is to treat your senior clients with respect. Don’t write them off as silly teenagers. Meet them where they are and only then can you authentically tell their story. And that’s what it’s all about.

Q. Lastly, what is something you have found to be a necessity to have on hand / bring with you on shoots? Ya know that thing you almost can’t live without?

A. One thing I can’t live without is our portable changing tent. It’s awesome. It folds up nice and small and allows the senior to do a wardrobe change on the go.

***END OF Q&A***

To learn more about Trevor Ray Thompson Photography visit his website. For more tips, tricks, and how-to’s from ProShow subscribe to receive our bimonthly newsletter below, and be sure to stay tuned for upcoming topics like Marketing with Snapchat, and 10 Ideas for a Biz Savvy Snap Chat Story!

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Behind the scenes with Senior Portrait Photographer Trevor Ray Thompson
Behind the scenes with Senior Portrait Photographer Trevor Ray Thompson (Funny hat and all…)
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