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New ProShow Web Editing Tools

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ProShow Web now offers built-in editing tools powered by Adobe Creative Cloud.

The new editing toolbar in ProShow Web allows you to edit your images while you’re creating your slideshow. Whether it be a last minute edit you forgot to make in Photoshop, or maybe you just want to add a filter or remove a little red-eye, the new editing tools will allow you to do all this and more.

The best part is being able to revert back to your original image while you’re editing if you decide not to change your image after all.

To get to the editing toolbar in ProShow Web, click on any image in your slideshow, then click the EDIT option to open the toolbar. There are 9 different editing tools, check them out below.

1. Crop

crop tool final
The cropping tool includes many default options. If none of these sizes work for you, there is also a custom crop option so that you may achieve the look you are going for.

2. Orientation

orientation tool final
Another tool is the orientation. You can rotate or mirror flip your image.

3. Color

color tool final
With the color tool, you can adjust saturation, warmth, tint, and fade. This is a quick way to convert all your images to black and white, or just adjust a single image to add a warmer or cooler tone.

4. Sharpness

sharpness tool final
Adjust sharpness by moving the slider bar to the left or right to achieve the look you’re after.

5. Focus

focus tool final
The focus tool let’s you create some pretty cool effects. Simply pick what you want as the most important area in the photo to focus on and then it blurs out the rest of the photo.

6. Redeye

redeye tool final
The redeye tool has different brush options to make sure you’re able to make those eyes shine and remove any redness.

7. Effects

effects tool final
Similar to Instagram, you can also add filters to your photos. There are 24 different filters included and you can adjust the filters after you’ve applied them too, giving you full control.

8. Enhance

enhance tool final
The enhance tool gives you similar settings like that of a camera. It lets you edit your images as hi-def, scenery, food, portrait, or night.

9. Lighting

lighting tool final
Is there an image that didn’t seem as bright after creating your show, or maybe it needs to have a little more shadow for a bolder look. Do a quick edit with the lighting tools.

The new editing tools in ProShow Web are super easy to use and so helpful to have at your fingertips. Create a slideshow today to try them out!

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