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3 Hidden Features in ProShow Web

3 Hidden Features in ProShow Web

The recent ProShow Web update includes a handful of very useful tools that you might not find right away. Let’s take a look below at 3 hidden features in ProShow Web.

1. Remove Multi-Image Effects

3 Hidden Features in ProShow Web - Remove Multi Images

When you build your show, ProShow may use effects from your selected theme that combine several images. Of course there are some great looking multi-photo effects available, but the images ProShow combines may not always blend well together.

To separate your combined images, simply hover over the slide and click the Remove Multi-Image Effects banner that appears. This will split the slide back into separate components. From here you can add custom timing and effects, or let ProShow Web rebuild your show for you.

3 Hidden Features in ProShow Web - Multi Photo FX

If you’d like, you can also disable Multi-Image Effects in a show. Just go to the show Settings, and toggle the Multi-Photo Effects option to “don’t allow.”

2. Mute All Videos

3 Hidden Features in ProShow Web - Mute All

If you add multiple videos to a show that all feature audio, instead of muting each slide individually, save some time by going to the show Settings and activating the Mute All option.

3. Vimeo

3 Hidden Features in ProShow - Vimeo

ProShow Web now supports direct sharing to Vimeo.

We love Vimeo because it lets you share your shows online in full 1080p HD without any ads!Just like YouTube, you can embed your videos anywhere and share directly on social media.

Sign up for a free trial today to test out these hidden gems in your slideshows!

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