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Create an Unlisted Video on Vimeo

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The day has finally arrived where we can upload a video to Vimeo and mark it as ‘Unlisted‘. This makes things easier for when you want your video to be private, but at the same time want to share it with a select few, instead of making it private and no one except yourself can see. This feature is only available to Plus or PRO members.

Only people with the link are able to view the video. It will be hidden from channels, groups, search results, portfolios, and other places on vimeo. An unlisted video comes in handy when you want to send a proof to a client, share a video privately with a co-worker and more!

The Set-Up

  1. Upload your ProShow slideshow or video. (You may select the “private link” option during the upload process – or see step 2)
  2. If you’re a Plus or PRO member, go to your video settings and choose, “Only people with the private link”
  3. Save your changes. You’ll then be given a private URL to share. You may copy and paste this link with clients, family or friends.

vimeo unlisted setting

Remember, ‘unlisted’ means anyone with the URL can see this video. So if anyone shares the link then it is able to be viewed.

Vimeo does offer other privacy options that include Basic members, such as the password protected videos. If you want your video completely private, and only want certain people to have access, then a password feature is offered. Even when the link is shared, it won’t be able to be seen unless they know the password.

Using YouTube to share videos? Learn how to create an unlisted video on YouTube as well!

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