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Create a Double Exposure Look with Masking


There’s been a pretty strong resurgence of double-exposure photography. We’ve seen it in places like HBO’s’ The Leftovers’ opening credits. And, 500px recently posted this round-up of some really extraordinary double-exposure shots.

So, we took to ProShow Producer and decided to give this technique a whirl and see what would happen when you add motion to the mix! Take a look at the video below and follow our simple steps to get a similar look in your shows.

Create a Double-Exposure Effect in ProShow Producer

Select two images that you want to use for your double-exposure. The one you use as the mask, will need to have plenty of black and white areas so you can clearly see the underlying image below. (New to masking, you might want to start here first!)

1. Add both photos to one slide and open the Slide Options dialog.

2. Position your layers so that the image you want to use as the mask, is on top.

3. Under the Layer Settings tab, check the check box next to ‘Mask’ and select either grayscale or grayscale inverted. I used grayscale inverted, there’s no science to this so play around until you’ve picked an option you like.


4. Your second layer should automatically be put under the layer mask and should show through under your mask. I added an additional solid white layer to the bottom of my layers list to punch up the contrast a bit.

5. Play with the placement, brightness, white point, black point, etc… until you’ve found a look you like. You’ll find all these placements under the Adjustment tab.

6. You can add motion to either the masking layer or the underlying layer to give it that little something extra as you see in the video I made.


7. That’s pretty much it! Remember, this is simply a mask, so you can use any image for this. Try using a Text Layer for a really cool intro slide or the branches of a tree for a whimsical look. The point is to have fun and be creative!

8. If you love the finished look, remember you can use the ‘Capture Frame‘ feature in ProShow Producer to capture a high-res still of the double-exposure shot to print or share online.

We’d love to see your creations in the comments below! Share a link or photo!

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Amanda works in Photodex's marketing department and heads up the company's pr and events efforts. She loves photography, living in Austin and making slideshows.