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Jeff Cable’s Best Of 2015

At the end of every year, award-winning photographer Jeff Cable likes to make a slideshow with all his favorite images to look back on. This year the round-up includes incredible images of the US Synchronized Swim Team, the World Rally Championship in Barcelona, and many celebrations. Watch his Best Of 2015 video above to see all the moments he has captured this year.

Now it’s your turn to create your year in review video. It’s easy to do with ProShow. Use ProShow FX, transitions, the wizard, and more to customize and share your video quickly. We’ve come up with a few tips below to get you started.

5 Quick Tips for Creating Your Year in Review Slideshow

1) Choose your best images/videos and sort before you launch ProShow
When you drop your photos and videos into ProShow, they’ll be in order and ready to go! Use the wizard to get a show quickly made and make tweaks to timing and FX to customize the look.

2) Add an intro slide with the year you’re re-capping
Include your name or business logo into your intro and outro as well.

3) Estimate your show length
Check out our handy slideshow calculator tool to gauge how many images to use in your show to match up to your music.

4) Pick the right song
ProShow 7’s music library has hundreds of great tracks to pick from. Choose a song with a nice beginning, middle and end to help tell your story.

5) Use consistent effects
Just because ProShow has hundreds of effects available doesn’t mean you should use them all in one show! Pick a handful of your favorites and repeat throughout the show to keep your audience engaged and the show flowing. You can also use the built-in wizard themes for ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Web and this will automate the process for you.

Have you made a Year in Review slideshow? Share a link in the comments below or by submitting it to be a spotlighted show on our blog. Select the Blog Submission option.

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