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Bettering Your Photography Business in the Off Season

Today’s guest post comes from photographer Lisa Robinson

Not everyone gets an “off” season like photographers tend to. Most people work 5 days a week, year round, except for their week or two of vacation. Despite that, I like to think that we’re the lucky ones. Speaking for wedding & portrait photographers, we work like dogs in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but Winter tends to be our “off season.” A time for regrouping and bettering ourselves and our businesses. Here are a few things I like to do during my off season in my never ending quest for bettering my business:

  1. Attend Conferences
    Conferences are a great way to bring together photographers and creatives and to throw around ideas. I find it incredibly inspirational to hear tips and advice from people I admire. It’s also just as inspiring and thought provoking to sit and chat with other attendees. You never know what you’ll learn or what partnerships you can form!
  2. Go On Vacation
    We get so stuck in “go” mode, we forget to slow down and take care of our mental wellbeing. On top of that, once we get some free time, we tend to just be bumps on a log and do nothing. Taking a break with change of scenery & fun activities can awaken and rejuvenate you in ways that spark creativity when getting back to work.
  3. Consult A Business Coach
    It can seem like an unnecessary expense to hire a business coach, but what better time to have someone pull all those introspective details out of you than when you have some downtime? Input from fresh eyes on your business is priceless.
  4. Check in on Your Financial Planning
    Okay, okay, I know this seems like THE most awful thing in the world to most people, but financial planning is one of the first things to go out the window when we get busy. It happens. Meet with your advisor/lawyer/accountant to review your year and to get any advice on how to handle the year ahead.
  5. Photograph Things You Don’t Normally Photograph
    Remember when you fell in love with photography? You took pictures of textures, bugs, cracks in the wall, flowers, puppies, etc. Whatever you took pictures of then, is likely not what you’ve settled into as a profession. I know I didn’t start photography by instantly doing weddings! I like to get back to my roots and do nature photos in the off season. If you photograph landscapes, try and challenge yourself to some portraiture. Get your brain thinking in a different way and it could spark something for upcoming work.


Lisa Robinson is a wedding & boudoir photographer based in the D.C. area. You can view more of her work on her website and read more of her helpful tips & thoughts on

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