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5 Tips for Shooting and Producing Beautiful Winter Slideshows

5 Tips for Producing Winter Slideshows

From frozen landscapes to snow-draped silhouettes, we love the wintery scenes this season gives us. If you’re looking for ways to show-off all your great winter photos, check out our tips below and watch a sample slideshow made in ProShow Producer 7.

1. Balance Colors and FX

Balance the bright whites of snowy scenes with equally light FX and transitions. Try using a ‘Dip to White’ transition to avoid harsh lines when your slideshow moves to the next slide. ProShow offers light and dark variations of most FX so you can pick accordingly for your show.
5 Tips for Producing Winter Slideshows

2. Showcase the Details

Frozen berries and leaves are perfect subjects for your macro photography. Use ProShow’s controls to zoom in on those great, close-up shots and show off the detail.
5 Tips for Producing Winter Slideshows

3. Use Motion to Guide Viewers

Subtle zooms and pans carry your viewer’s attention. Try adding a (very) slight rotation to focus in on important elements in a photo or guide people down a windy road, as you’ll see in the slideshow below.
5 Tips for Producing Winter Slideshows

4. Add a Twist

The term ‘twist’ can mean different things. If you’re mostly shooting stills, try throwing in a few video clips here and there to add excitement and keep your viewers guessing. Or, try creating a layered collage on a few slides to break up the monotony of full-screen zooming images.

Slideshow made in ProShow Produer 7. Download a free trial >

5. Pick the Right Soundtrack

The music you choose has a huge impact on your show. If you’re using slow-paced motion, use a moderate to slow paced song. If you’re using fast-paced motion and cut transitions, match it with an equally exciting and up-tempo song. ProShow’s music library has hundreds of royalty-free tracks built-in so you can find the perfect song. The song in the slideshow above is called ‘Beautiful Inspirational Piano’ and is available in ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web.
ProShow 7 Music Library

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