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Export Your Photos to ProShow from Adobe Lightroom

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ProShow’s Plug-In for Lightroom allows you to export all your photos directly from Lightroom to ProShow quick and easy. After editing your photos in Lightroom, select the photos you want to use in a new or existing slideshow. Hit the export button in Lightroom, then select ProShow Gold, Producer, or Web, and adjust your slideshow settings in the pop-up box, then export.

The plug-in will automatically re-size and export your photos and videos from Lightroom. If you decide you don’t want the settings you have chosen after the export, no worries, you can continue the adjustments when you open your slideshow in ProShow before your final product.

A great tool for anyone that wants to save time and already has an idea of what they are looking for in their slideshow. What better way than to export everything at once without all the extra steps.

REMINDER!! ProShow’s Plug-In for Lightroom supports video exports as well! Giving you more variety and fun surprises in your slideshow.

Works with MAC and PC.

Don’t have the ProShow Plug-In for Lightroom? Download it directly from our site for free.

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