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5 Handy Right Clicks in ProShow 7


Want to save more time when creating your show? The ProShow right click menu has many time saving features. Here are a few of the features we think you’ll find beneficial!

1. Capture Frame

Instead of taking a print screen, use the capture frame option available in ProShow Producer for a direct download of the frame you want to keep from your slideshow. Simply right click on the preview screen and then click “Capture Frame.” You can adjust the frame capture, the file format and resolution, and where you would like to have it saved. It really is that easy.

2. Manage Slide Sound

Quickly add a sound effect to any slide in your show. Right click on the slide(s) you want to add an extra sound effect to and click Audio > Manage Slide Sound. You can upload your own sound effect or choose from dozens of choices (like wind blowing, lightning and thunder, rolling waves on a beach and more) in ProShow 7’s built-in music library.

3. Add Existing Show

Need to copy slides from one slideshow to another? Or maybe you want to merge two slideshows into one? To quickly add an existing show to one you already have open, right click in the top right corner of ProShow (under the main toolbar and to the right of your current show’s name) and select “Add Existing Show.” This will allow you to open and add any previously made slideshow to your workspace. You can toggle between the two shows and copy/paste slides between them as well!

4. Use Wizard on Selected Slides

Need to use the wizard on just a select number of slides? Select the slides, right click and select “Use Wizard on Selected Slides” or use “Wizard on All Slides.” Click Next, choose your theme, choose your speed and hit create. Once you’re done, you are able to preview, continue editing or discard before you’re ready for the final product.

5. Copy and Paste

It may not be common, but sometimes a duplicate of a slide is needed. Maybe a presentation with an opening and closing that are the same. Save yourself the time and instead of recreating the slide with all the FX, sounds, and other bells and whistles, just select your slide, then copy and paste. Finito!

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