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5 Awesome Multi-Image Montage FX

crossing paths
Crossing Paths, StylePack 4

If you’re ready to break out of the monotony of a one image per slide show, add some excitement by using a multi-image montage effect. They’re great for introducing a new section of a slideshow, as an opening, a finale, or anywhere you want to add a little liveliness and surprise to the flow.

ProShow has a variety of multi-image montage FX built-in and an even wider selection available in ProShow FX packs. Check out a round-up of some of our favorite multi-image montages below.

1) Filmstrip Sequence 1 – StylePack 2

filmstrip sequence
The Filmstrip effect starts off with a movie projector feel with a black & white flickering film sprocket image and transitions into a color filmstrip.

2) Floating Depth Montage Glow – StylePack 5

floating depth montage glow
This montage features five images floating upward at varying speeds and depths for a simple and clean feel.

3) Scatter Light 1 Montage – StylePack 6

scatter light 1 montage
This montage features a series of three images with subtle shadow advancing from a light background of numerous scattered duplicates.

4) Scattered Density – StylePack 2

scattered density
This montage is perfect if you’re looking for a lot of movement and colors. A single image appears, recoiling toward the center, then exploding into a complex array of images that move continuously in different formations and colors.

5) Tilt Matrix – StylePack 3

tilt matrix
Add a little action to spice up your show. A complex gridded matrix of nine images tilts into view, then tilts out of view, while two main images are used for the opening and closing displays.

What are some of your favorite ProShow FX and how do you use them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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