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Spotlighted Show: Lucy Huffstetter Photography

Lucy Huffstetter Photography

Lucy Huffstetter has a way of looking at our world that few others see. Her photography showcases beautiful nature-scapes and scenes that make you feel like you’ve been transported to that very location. Watch a slideshow of her work made in ProShow Producer 7.

Lucy Huffstetter Photography

Love the look of this show? Use the wizard theme ‘Photo Backdrop Dark’ to get a similar look in your own shows. Lucy also added her logo across her slideshow using Producer’s built-in watermarking feature so that it displays on each slide in her show. Song: ‘Free Flowing’ by Alumo Music (available in the ProShow Gold 7, Producer 7 and ProShow Web music libraries)

About Lucy

With only $500 and two suitcases to her name, Lucila, a free-spirited, twenty-two year old bought a one-way ticket to France, chasing her dream of becoming an artist, more specifically, a photographer. Upon obtaining her certificate from the “Société Française de Photographie” (French Photography Society), Lucy traveled around the world capturing the essence of the beauty in nature and the grace behind the faces of the people she encountered.

After many years abroad, Lucy returned to the United States where she settled in Dallas, Texas. Today, with a mature eye, an evolved imagination and a well-seasoned mind, Lucy applies advances in photography to transform simple pictures into works of art. Her recent accolades include 2012 DPPA Best Landscape Photographer, 2013 DPPA Best General Album Photographer and 2014 DPPA 2nd Place Landscape Photographer. See more of Lucy’s work on her website here.

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