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Fall Color Palette Guide for Slideshow Makers


The colors of Fall are truly spectacular, which is why so many of us venture out with our cameras to capture beautiful photographs of the season. If you’re working on a ProShow slideshow to showcase all your Fall photos, check out our color palette picks below to incorporate Fall colors into your slideshows.

Color Palette #1 – Bold & Cool – Currants & Gourdsbold-and-cool-fall-palette

Color Palette #2 – Brite & Cool – A Festive Contrast

Color Palette #3 – Rich & Cool – Ochre & Leaves

Color Palette #4 – Bold & Warm – Holiday Cheer

Color Palette #5 – Warm, Earthy & Rich

Didn’t “fall” in love with the color combos listed above then how about selecting the color palatte directly from your image?!

Try ColorPalette FX or visit Adobe’s Color Wheel and simply upload the image you wish to pull color values from and presto. Not only that but Palette FX will also provide a contrast color and a color harmony triad to accent your palette, and…. well, as to be expected the Adobe options are almost infinite. Choose from color triad, complementary palettes, shade variations to monochromatic, and more. Plus Adobe even has a library of color themes to explore. Fun! Once you have created your palette, just copy the six digit hexadecimal value and you’re all set for ProShow!

How to Choose Colors in ProShow

In ProShow, you can set custom colors for a slide background, photo border, captions and more. To enter a specific color into ProShow, click on the color wheel then enter in the HEX or RGB color code.

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