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Unique Engagement Posing Ideas That Your Clients will Love

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Posing. For me, it’s always been the biggest “x” factor. You can have beautiful technical merit in an image but throw in a clumsy or awkward pose and the presence and impact of the photo deflate. Posing is one of those aspects of photography that I consider myself always a student of.

I believe that you can never stop learning new posing techniques and ideas. The good thing about this never ending road of learning is that your “bag of tricks” just gets larger meaning you’ll be able to grow and challenge yourself more and capitalize on the perfect photo moments by adding the perfect pose. When photographing engagement sessions this is an especially helpful skill because if you can’t create a pose that conveys love and happiness, you’re not capturing the essence of why people purchase engagement photo sessions in the first place!

Here are a few ideas I like to play with:

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Take in the environment: Clients usually pic scenic locations for the sessions. Utilize that natural beauty. Engagement is a time where clients are filled with big hopes and dreams. Showing a big, beautiful, dreamy environment matches that feeling.

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Layer your photos: I love finding environments that allow for layering. It helps to create a feeling of intimacy in a photo. Knowing that I use more sweet, romantic posing (close faces, gentle touches) to enhance that feeling.

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Take a seat: I see a lot of engagement sessions where all the clients are ever doing is standing. Adding sitting into the equation opens a whole new set of options.

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Backlight, but filtered: Backlighting is great. That perfect little glow surrounding the couple creates a warm and dreamlike environment. However, shooting into the sun gets tricky and can often be a chore to find the perfect balance. When you add another element into the frame to help filter that backlight, things look different. Often, I like using tree leaves for this purpose. Their color is more brilliant and adds to the fantasy look.

Check out the slideshow for a few more of my favorite posings from engagement sessions!

Lisa Robinson


Lisa Robinson is a wedding & boudoir photographer based in the D.C. area. You can view more of her work on her website and read more of her helpful tips & thoughts on

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