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Time Saving Tips in ProShow: Using Copy Settings

Using the Copy Settings feature in ProShow

One of the golden rules for ProShow is “When in doubt, right-click”. No matter where you are in the program, when you right click, chances are you’ll find some very useful options waiting for you. Some of the most helpful are the Copy Settings options. When working in the Slide Options window, these can really help you save time building and customizing your shows.

Copy Settings –The Basics

Go ahead and drag and drop a bunch of images to the slide list. Chances are, not all of your images fit within the slide frames. Typically, the next step would be to edit each slide one at a time and adjust the scaling or zoom levels.

Using the copy settings in both ProShow Gold and Producer, you can greatly speed up that re-sizing process.

Open the Slide Options for any slide. Set the scaling or zoom for an image layer, then right-click on the value box. Now select your preferred copy option. You can copy the setting to all of the layers on the slide, to a range of selected slides or to every slide in your show.

Layer Settings

Another basic setting you may want to adjust is timing.

In Slide Options, click the Slide Settings tab. In the Slide Timing area, make your changes to the Slide and Transition times, then right-click to copy the changes to other slides

Slide Timing

Copying the Look of Your Images

Almost all of the settings under the Adjustments tab can be copied as well, allowing you to copy the brightness, blur, flip and rotate setting from one image, to some or all of your slides at once.

When adding an outline or colorizing a layer, you even have two Copy Settings options; you can enable the effect, and copy the color separately.

Quick Tip – there are only two options that can’t be copied: Crop and Red Eye. These settings will always be specific to each individual layer.

Using the Copy Settings Dialog in ProShow

Copying Motion and Adjustment Effects

ProShow offers two different Copy Settings options when building custom effects.

Just like layer settings and adjustments, you can right click to copy any individual setting like Pan, Zoom, Tilt, and Blur. Additionally, at the bottom of the window, you’ll find a second set of options by clicking the Copy button.

Using the Copy Settings Dialog in ProShow

These Copy Settings are a little different. Instead of copying one setting, in ProShow Gold, you’ll copy all of the settings for a layer.

The destination options are different as well. The Copy button allows you to copy settings between the Starting and Ending positions of your slides. This is especially helpful when you need layers to be perfectly matched up from start to finish; or sync’d up between the Ending Position of one slide and the Starting position of the next.

Using the Copy Settings Dialog in ProShow

In Producer, the copy settings options are expanded tremendously. When you click the Copy button, you’ll have the ability to copy any available setting between individual Layers, Captions, Slides and even Keyframes.

Take advantage of the copy settings options the next time you create a slideshow. You may be surprised by how much time you can save.

Using the Copy Settings Dialog in ProShow

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