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ProShow Podcast: Building Your Business with Levi Sim

ProShow podcast with Levi Sim

In collaboration with Skip Cohen University, we’re excited to bring you the third episode in our new podcast – The ProShow Spotlight Series. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing advice from some of the very best artists and business people in photography today. Each new episode has one primary purpose, to help you build a stronger business.

This month’s guest is Levi Sim. Levi came into the world of photography just five years ago, but he’s the ultimate ambassador and it didn’t take long for him to build an amazing network. In this post, he shares how he quit his day job, went full time with photography and grew his business with the power of networking. Listen below!

Listen To: Building Your Business with Levi Sim

Levi’s “Steve Jobs Portrait Project,” featured in the slide show below, has become a trademark along with his fedora. Check out more of Levi’s work in the video below, and you’ll find even more on his website.

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