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Learn How To Create a Slide Style in ProShow 7

Learn how to make a slide style in ProShow.

Love using slide styles to bring your ProShow slideshows to life? With ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, you can create your own slide styles and (believe it or not) it’s a fairly simple process. Follow along with this simple tutorial to walk through the process, then try your hand at creating some of your own slide styles!

What exactly is a slide style?

Slide styles are pre-built, ready-made effects that you can apply to any slide. When you apply a slide style; the style acts as a blueprint. Within that blueprint are all of the instructions ProShow needs in order to create the desired effect. The number of layers, the layers’ appearance, motion effects, adjustment effects, captions and even slide sounds – all of that information is stored within the slide style.

Each time you make a new effect in ProShow, you can save it as a slide style. As you create more and more effects, you’re effectively creating a complete toolbox of effects that you can quickly access and modify. You’ll find that shows will take you less and less time as you build up your library of your favorite or most often used effects.

Creating your own slide style follows this basic process:

  1. Create a complete slide with all settings configured. (motion effects, timing, etc…)
  2. Click the Create button in the Slide Styles pane.
    Hit the create button to make your slide style.

  3. Fill out the information fields displayed.
  4. Click OK to save your new style.

Once you save your style it will be displayed in the Style List along with every other style you have installed. From that point forward you can select and use it just as easily as any pre-made style that comes from Photodex.

Let’s talk about the Create a Slide Style interface in a bit more detail.

Using the Create a Slide Style Window

To create your own styles, you’ll need to access the Create a Slide Style window. You can open this window by clicking the Create button in the Style Style pane. You can also open this window using the Effects (FX) window. This Create a Slide Style window is where you’ll enter all of the information about the style you are creating.

Learn how to create a slide style in ProShow Producer
There are a few fields to fill out and some options to check. Let’s go through each one.

  • Name: This is the title of your style that will be displayed in both the Style List and the Selected Slide information area. Make sure the name is a quick and accurate description of what your style does.
  • Categories: These are the categories that are applied to your new style. You can change the categories by clicking the Select button.
  • Description: The description tells you exactly what this style will do. Description text appears in both the Style List and the Selected Slide information area. Try to make sure your description is thorough and accurate to make sure you can remember what the style does.
  • Thumbnail: Choose an image that will represent your new style when displayed in the Slide Style pane, and Effects (FX) window.
  • Publisher Name: This is your name, as you’re the creator and publisher of the style. Just enter your name or perhaps a business or studio name if you have one.
  • Publisher Website: Here you can enter the address to your website, blog or social media site.
  • Aspect Ratio: If you don’t check this box, ProShow will assume that this style will only work with the aspect ratio applied to the show at the time you created the style. If you check the box, you tell ProShow that this style is appropriate for all aspect ratios.
  • Compatibility: Both ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer can use styles, but Producer has features that cannot be used in Gold. If you want your style to work in both versions of ProShow, check this box. Keep in mind that doing so will disable any Producer specific features in the style. This includes things like keyframes, masking, etc.

When you have filled out the information about your new style, click on OK. The style will be saved and will immediately appear in your library for use on this and any other shows you create in the future.

Remember that creating a new style starts by making a complete slide. Get all of your layers moving, sound effects in place, and everything else configured first. Once you’re done with the slide, then you can create the slide style.

For more instruction on creating custom slide styles in ProShow (including how to export and share the styles you’ve made), check out the chapters dedicated to this topic in our product manuals.

ProShow Gold – pages 279 – 283

ProShow Producer – pages 337 – 350

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