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5 Incredibly Useful Tips When Using ProShow’s FX Manager

5 Tips for Using the FX Manager in ProShow

The Effects (FX) manager in ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer is a one-stop-shop for access to all slides styles, transitions and themes that you have installed. Below are 5 incredibly useful tips when using this window to access, edit and manage your effects. To access the FX manager, click the ‘FX‘ button in ProShow’s top toolbar and follow along!

  1. Looking for a specific effect by name? Start typing the name of the effect and ProShow will jump to it alphabetically in the effects list (instead of having to scroll down a very long list). For example, if you’re trying to find ‘Vignette Blend’. You’d type ‘V – I – G’ and you’ll immediately be taken to that part of the list.
  2. Mark your favorites using the ‘star’ icon at the bottom of the dialog. If you have a set of favorite effects that are your ‘go to’ slide styles or transitions, mark them as a favorite and they’ll show up in your Favorites category in the Effects FX window, Slide Styles dialog and Transition Picker.
  3. Use the ‘categorize’ option to manage your effect categories and create your own categories to easier find the effects you’re looking for. Click the ‘categorize’ button at the bottom of the Effects (FX) window. Here you can add your own category. This comes in handy if you’ve made several of your own slide styles or if you have a certain type of slideshow you make, you can make a category to house just those effects.
  4. By clicking the small square button in the bottom of the Effectx (FX) window, you can switch from seeing a Thumbnail list view, to seeing a Simple List view. This is extremely helpful if you’re trying to locate a particular effect and don’t want the distraction of the thumbnail images.
  5. The Effects (FX) window is great for those times when you want to quickly apply the same style to several slides at once. Simply select a range of slides in your Slide List, choose your style and click Apply to Slide.


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