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Incorporating Slideshows into Your Wedding Workflow

Incorporating slideshows into your wedding workflow.
Today’s guest post is by photographer Lisa Robinson

Although I’ve been shooting weddings for nearly a decade, I have only just recently started incorporating slideshows into my workflow (and consequently, left myself wondering why I hadn’t done it earlier). I like to think of slideshows as moving blog posts that are able to capture my clients’ emotions through the addition of music and when we can captivate emotion, we are able to be more profitable at the same time as increasing client happiness. Win-Win, right? Yep.

Now, if you’re one of those (like I used to be) who said “I just don’t have time to add one more thing into my workflow”  let me try to tell you that thanks to Photodex & ProShow, you don’t need much time at all! After you’ve already pulled your favorites for your highlight archives, or for your blog post, just upload those to ProShow, pick a song, and within minutes you’ll be ready to go! Of course, you can tinker around for ages, playing with transitions, title slides, searching high and low for the absolute most perfect song, but I’ve found that ProShow’s default options and contained music library offer really great options that I don’t have to spend much time tinkering with. It’s just easy.

So, now that I’ve dispelled the time consumption myth, what are some ways you can use slideshows to enhance what you’re already doing?

  1. Use them as a “sneak peek”. I deliver images within 4 weeks of a wedding date. In that time, clients are understandably excited and looking forward to seeing the photos. You can put a show together of some of the top images and privately send it to the clients as a surprise before the final due date. You could also take advantage of social media and upload it online, tagging clients, so that they (and all their friends) take notice of the amazing images you’re presenting.
  2. Use them as a sale “Add On”. Many people will find the value of an add on slideshow because, like an album, it’s an easily digestible form of imagery compared to sifting online through hundreds of images. However, unlike an album, the costs associated with a slideshow are considerably less. It could be a great fit for clients who aren’t in the market for a fully custom album, but still want a takeaway other than a USB or CD.
  3. Use them as a “Thank You”. You could flip the order completely and surprise your clients with a slideshow as a thank you gift after all is said and done. They will be surprised at the unexpected detail.
  4. Use them as a marketing strategy. If you don’t share your images with the other vendors you work with, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Not every industry is as lucky as we are to be able to provide their marketing with amazing photos and they need to rely on us. Working out a good relationship with a vendor who uses your photos (with credit) only furthers your own marketing.If you create a slideshow for them (with your branding on it of course!), you’ve just handed them an amazing marketing tool for their business. They’ll show potential clients who will see your work, the extra mile you went, and your branding. Plus, chances are that vendor will talk your services up and we all know a word of mouth recommendation is worth more than any ad purchase will ever be!

These are just a few suggestions that may work for your business. I encourage you to try one and come up with one of your own and see how it will work for you!

Lisa Robinson


Lisa Robinson is a wedding & boudoir photographer based in the D.C. area. You can view more of her work on her website and read more of her helpful tips & thoughts on

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