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Getting Started with ProShow Producer

Getting Started in ProShow Producer 7

New to ProShow Producer 7? Check out this quick run-through of the software that will get you up and running with your first slideshow in just a few minutes. Learn how to add photos and videos, choose music and FX and output your finished show.

Use the ProShow Wizard

The Wizard is fast, easy and, basically builds a show for you with just a few clicks. When you open ProShow Producer, the very first thing you’ll see is the New Slide Show window. Select the Wizard icon, and click the Create button to get started.

Use the wizard to get started making your first slideshow in ProShow Producer 7.

Step 1. Add some content.

Begin building your show by adding some photos. Click the Add button toselect images on your computer, or click Import to add content from a variety of social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. You can also import short video clips and add captions.

Getting started with ProShow Producer 7

Step 2. Pick a song for your show.

Music adds a powerful, emotional element to your shows that your viewers will definitely connect with and enjoy. Add your own music, or choose a song from the brand new, ProShow Music Library, featuring over 240 royalty-free tracks! Each one is licensed for personal and commercial use.

ProShow Producer 7 comes built-in with a royalty-free music library.

Step 3. Select a theme for your show.

The theme determines which FX will be used in your show. If you’re not really sure which theme to choose, try Always, Casual Modern, Classic Dark or Classic Light. These themes feature a very nice balance of effects that work for just about every type of content and occasion.

Getting Started with ProShow Producer 7

Step 4. Set the Tempo for your show.

The Energy Level determines how fast or how slow your show will be. By adjusting the slider, you can speed up your show and make FX happen quickly, or slow it down and give your viewers more time to enjoy your images.

Getting started with ProShow Producer 7

Step 5. Build + Preview your show.

Give your show a name, then click create and watch the Wizard do all the work of adding content and FX for you. Once the Wizard is done, take a look at the Preview to make sure you like what you see. If something doesn’t look right, click the Try Again button to rebuild the show. You can also click the Back button if you want to add more content, or make changes to the Theme and Energy Level.

Learn how to create your first slideshow in ProShow Producer 7

Step 6. Share your show.

After the Wizard builds your show. Save your work and move on to sharing your show with your friends, family or clients. You’ll find all of your sharing options in the Publish workspace. Use the Toolbar to access the most popular sharing options, including:

  • Uploading to YouTube and Facebook.
  • Burning your show to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc.
  • Creating a video file for your computer or portable devices.

Output your slideshow to over 40 formats using ProShow Producer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with ProShow Producer. Check out the links below to learn how to do even more!

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