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Ultimate Story Contest Winner: Melanie Reyes Photography

We’re excited to announce the winner of our Ultimate Story Promotional Videos Contest: Melanie Reyes Photography! Watch the winning video above!

Melanie Reyes is a wedding and event photographer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her video does an awesome job of telling the story of what it would be like to work with her. Read below to learn how Melanie uses this video to help promote her photography business.

“Even after nine years it is a thrill to walk into a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah and creatively document the day. I have a passion for human interaction and portraying relationships. Capturing monumental events in people’s lives brings me the most joy because what I capture will be cherished forever.

Hands down word of mouth has been the best way to market my photography business over the last 9 years. I meet hundreds of people each month by working weddings. I love interacting with people and I believe being warm and friendly leaves a lasting impression. I experience such a profound connection to my clients when I spend one of the most important days of their life by their side. The last few years as I began to widen my market I wanted a way for customers to meet me and experience how I work, even if they had never seen me in action.

This video captures my interaction with my clients and portrays the joy that I experience doing my job. The video lives on my website where potential clients are able to experience how I work. It is in invaluable tool. ” – Melanie Reyes

The Prizes

Thanks to our sponsors, Melanie won an awesome set of prizes including:

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