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How To Customize Effects and Timing Control in ProShow Web

Set Custom Times for ProShow Web Videos

Want to linger a little on a certain photo or give the viewer more time to read a caption? ProShow Web allows you to easily add effects with custom timing to any photo in your slideshow. Let’s take a look at how this works.

When you build a slideshow in ProShow Web, effects are automatically applied to all the content in your show. You can easily change the effects and their timing on the Edit page or jump right into timing control when you first build your show. Follow the steps below!

To Add Effects + Custom Timing:

  1. In the show creation screen, select the image or video clip you’d like to add an effect to, then click the FX button in the toolbar.
  2. Using this window, you can see all of the effects that are available in ProShow Web.
  3. Using the options on the left, you can browse for effects by Photo Orientation and by Category. You’ll also notice that effects are grouped by Type. There are effects for captions, single photos or multiple photos.
  4. Once an effect has been applied, back in your show creation screen you’ll notice a little clock icon under each piece of content. This lets you set the timing for how long a slide will appear on screen.
  5. To change the default time, click the clock icon and add a custom time in seconds.
  6. To change multiple effect times at once, hit the Control button on your keyboard, then select multiple slides with your mouse (or hit A on your keyboard to select all slides). With your slides selected, enter a new number under one slide, then hit enter. All slides times will be changed.
  7. For any content without custom settings, ProShow Web will automatically choose effects from the theme you selected for your show. The effect and transition timing will also be chosen automatically to match your soundtrack and energy level.
  8. To see your changes, click the BUILD VIDEO button in the top right and in a few minutes you’ll have a preview.
  9. You can then output your finished video or go back and set new times for your slides.

Set custom times in ProShow Web slideshows

Custom timing control can be handy for so many uses like:

  • Focusing more time on a special photo in your show.
  • Creating quick-cut sequences or stop-motion effects.
  • Adding time to your logo slide so it stays on the screen longer.

See Custom Times In-Action

Award-winning photographer Sal Cincotta uses custom timing control to craft the perfect video slideshows for his clients. Watch his sample demo reel below created in ProShow Web.

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