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Using the Music Library in ProShow 7

Music for ProShow

ProShow 7 offers a convenient, built-in music library, making it easier than ever to find the perfect soundtracks for your slideshows. Pick from 200+ songs and dozens of popular sound effects, all hand-picked to fit virtually every type of slideshow and licensed for personal and commercial use.

Accessing + Browsing the Music Library

To access the library, click on the Music Library icon located in the top toolbar of ProShow 7. On the left side of the Music Library window you’ll find navigation tabs that will help you browse all of the available tracks.

  1. Click one of the tabs located in the navigation pane to the left of the music library to see an updated track list on the right.
  2. To browse a different set of tracks, click a new filter in the navigation pane on the left.
  3. Choose from one of the following filters:
  • Special Selections (Top Picks, etc)
  • Vocals (+ Instrumental)
  • Tempo (Fast, Medium, Slow)
  • Length (Under 1 minute – Over 4 minutes)
  • Category / Occasion
  • Standard Genre

Previewing Trackshover-play

  1. Click on the Play Icon that appears as you move your mouse over the thumbnail image for a track
  2. A sample of the track will begin to play automatically in an Audio Preview window.
  3. Press Done to close the Audio Preview and return to the Music Library.

 Adding Tracks

  1. In the track list select the song you wish to use and click the Add to Show button at the bottom of the window.MusicLibrary_downloadtrack
  2. ProShow will then download your track from the Music Library and add it directly to your Soundtrack.
  3. Once added the track is added to your show, you can adjust the volume, fade in/out and trim the song using the built-in editing tools in ProShow.

At this point, you can add more tracks or simply press the Cancel button at the bottom of the window to close the Music Library.

Marking Tracks as Favorites

If you find yourself using certain tracks more often, you can mark those tracks as Favorites.MusicLibrary_favorites

  1. Simply click the Star Icon at the bottom of the track thumbnail. When marked as a favorite, the star will turn blue.
  2. To access your Favorite tracks, click on the Favorites tab located in the navigation pane on the left.


ProShow  7 includes all this and so much more!

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