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ProShow Output: Flash Drives vs DVD Discs

Building slideshows is the hallmark of so many moments in our lives. One of the most important parts of the process is publishing the final product, and the most common medium is DVD.

While DVD is a great option for output, there is an alternative you can use that provides high definition, allows you to get creative with your packaging, and makes it much easier to share slideshows – the flash drive.

Imagine sharing your slideshow in high definition using a flash drive. Instead of burning a DVD you can publish a video file and copy it onto a flash drive to share with friends, family or clients. While the DVD ties you to standard definition, video files allow you to produce stunning HD videos and allows for versatile methods of playback; many TVs can play video files and any computer (regardless of Mac or PC) can play a video file.

Click here to learn how to transfer your ProShow video to a flash drive >

Besides the obvious benefit of not easily getting scratched or damaged, flash drives are also easier to deliver and don’t require a case or labeling like DVDs. They can be ordered in bulk and custom designed, meaning the recipient will have a flash drive that not only delivers your slideshow but remains an object they will use daily.

Want some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board featuring hundreds of custom USB styles!

ProShow outputs to over 40 different formats! What’s your preferred method for outputting your slideshows? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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