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How To Make a Mother’s Day Slideshow

Make a Mother's Day Slideshow

With Mother’s Day just around the corner — sons, daughters, husbands and Dads brainstorm to come up with the perfect gesture or gift to honor ‘Mom’ on her special day. Although the common greeting card is typically given on this day and certainly not a terrible way to go, you know you can do better!

For a gift no woman will refuse and all are guaranteed to love — we recommend making her a simple, personalized slideshow video from the heart. (Maybe throw in a home-cooked breakfast while you‘re at it). A slideshow takes just a few minutes to make, but the sharing experience is one she’ll never forget.  When ready, play your video virtually anwhere to tie in with the rest of your Mother’s Day plans — on a DVD or Blu-ray for TV viewing, online (if you’re sharing remotely), or on a mobile device (including tablets & smart phones). Don’t delay. Start making your Mother’s Day slideshow with ProShow today!

How to Make a Quick Slideshow for Mother’s Day

  1. Launch ProShow (any version). You can try it free!
  2. Create a New Show: Select File > New Show > Wizard

  1. Next, add a few photos and/or video clips. (Your show can be as short or as long as you want).
  2. Add a title + captions. (You can add personal messages to pair with photos or on a blank slide).

  1. Add a song (or multiple songs) to set the mood.

  1. Pick a theme to set the style. We recommend a versatile & light look — like ‘Dimensional Light’.

  1. Then, click ‘Create’. ProShow will auto-build your slideshow! Watch the short example video.

  1. Want to apply a custom slide style? (Check out our favorite styles + effects for Mother’s Day here!). Double-click on the slide in the slide list to open the Slide Options dialog. Then click on the Slide Style pane (in the left column) to access the Slide Style tab. Select the effect you want to apply from the slide styles list and click ‘Apply Style’ to update the slide with your new effect.

That’s it! In just a few steps you’ll have a beautiful Mother’s Day video slideshow.

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