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Exposed: 10 Best Sites to Get Your Photography Noticed

Whether you’re starting out in your photography career or looking to get more exposure and work, check out this list of sites.

1. Photographer Central
Photographer Central is a beautiful and easy website built to acquire new clients and network locally. Streamline the process of offering your services as a photographer while showing your best photos at the same time! Their filters are a unique feature that allows clients to find you based on style, price, location, availability, photo studio services and promotions you may offer for a limited time.

2. Snapknot
SnapKnot focuses on wedding photography in a new way by bringing the photographer to the client. Their matching system allows the couple to review your portfolio and provides options for you to contact them based on the criteria the couple provides. The best part about SnapKnot is everything happens in real time and they have an amazing social media presence.

3. Flickr
Flickr may be a house hold name, but with millions of people exploring their catalogues of users and images everyday, it’s a great place to showcase your work and become a member of a vibrant community. Check out the ‘Night Images’ group if you love unique night photography or the ‘Travel photographs’ groups if you’re a travel photography fan.

4. 500PX
500px has become a one stop shop for photographers around the world and offers a bright and active community that is easy and fun. You can upload your high resolution images for free and join groups that are member created and cover everything from Long Exposure Photography to Bokehlicious photos. The new photo manager allows for easy editing, sharing and selling of your photos.

5. Instagram
Instagram provides photographers a fun instant way to share your view of the world and seamlessly share with multiple social networks. You can use my personal favorite #nofilter which identifies with many photographers in the community or you can make your cat a superstar using their video options. If you don’t have a cat, Instagram users are always keen to see macro photos of items you see daily. This social network is a great way to interact with other photographers and clients.

6. Behance
Behance is Adobe’s site dedicated to all things photography. Notable features include the ability to create galleries, works in progress and you can filter images according to tools used, color and schools. The beauty of this site is the interaction on an international level with other photographers who are looking for inspiration or to inspire you!

7. Two Bright Lights
Two Bright Lights thrives on helping you showcase your images, finding publishers and submitting your work for publication. You can share your images for free or for a small fee you can offer your works up to vendors who work directly with Two Bright Lights. If your goal is to get your photos from the camera to the magazine page, this is the site for you.

Exposure is an exceptional site that focuses on collections ranging from Causes to Food and Drink. Their approach to photography is to allow you to tell your story through your photos. Some sites provide you the ability to be published or network, which are both excellent goals in the journey to getting your photography noticed, but Exposure has the goal of uniting likeminded photographers who understand a picture is worth a thousand words.

9. Wedding Wire
Wedding Wire remembers every detail for the couple, most importantly it is an excellent tool for finding their wedding photographer. Along with general wedding planning, Wedding Wire offers photographers the ability to host videos, sample photography and the various wedding photo styles you can provide and create. You can provide contact information so the couple can contact you directly with their information and questions.

10. 1x
1x is a photography community that has thought of everything so you can focus on your photos. They have laid out a structured site that allows for critiques on your photos. There are also forums and groups for questions you may have. I love the groups feature. If you want to participate in Black & White photography, simply click join and there is an entire community focused on that subject matter. Other categories range from Macro to Documentary photography.

What sites have you found to be helpful for getting your photography seen and exposed to more people? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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