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Best ProShow FX for Sports and Action Slideshows

If you’re working on a sports slideshow, quick-paced, action-packed effects will make your show entertaining and exciting! Below is a round-up of some of the best ProShow FX to use for sports video slideshows.

Best FX for Sports and Action Slideshows:

Diagonal Edge

The Diagonal Edge effect slices your image into several sections and wisps it across the screen. Perfect for action shots and keeping the momentum going. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Kinetic Spread

With Kinetic Spread, your image is flashed on the screen and spread from one side to the other with intensity. Available in Effects Pack 6.

Senior Style

The Senior Style effects set is free for all ProShow users. Download it here and get several different layouts and effects with an edgy design, perfect for senior and sports photos.

Action Arrows

Point to the action with the Action Arrows transition. Available in right, left and crossing options. This effect and many more are available in Transition Pack 2.

Sports & Action FX Pack

Pretty much everything in this pack is a must-have if you’re making a sports slideshow. The Sports & Action Pack covers 15 major competitive athletic and performance categories, and offers an exciting array of sporty transitions, edgy layouts & titles, plus team color customizations!

What are some of your favorite FX for sports slideshows?

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