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How To Split Your Soundtrack Into Two Parts in ProShow

Split Track Here is a great tool for those that need a quick way to split a song into two parts without having to re-import the same song twice. When you split a song in ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer it takes a single song and splits it into two separate tracks giving you complete control over both parts.

Before we run through the details, lets take a look at a couple scenarios that this would be great for:

  • You have a video / slide sound in your show and you want the playback of the soundtrack to stop and start before and after the video or sound
  • You want to completely remove an unwanted section of your song in your your show

Out of the two scenarios listed above, the first would be the most common. When working with video / slide sounds in your show, the default behavior of your soundtrack is to reduce volume by 50% during playback and return to 100% volume when playback of your video / slide sound finishes.

In some cases, you may not want your soundtrack to play during the video or slide sound. That’s where Split Track Here comes in handy. With this feature we can quickly split the track right before the video / slide sound. Then using the Timeline view in your slide list we can shift over the second part of your split track so it picks back up after your video / slide sound has finishes.

In this article we will show you where to find the Split Track Here option, how to use it and how to adjust the position of your split track using the Timeline view in ProShow.

Let’s get started!timeline_split_track_here

  1. In ProShow, change the slide list view to Timeline view. You can do this by clicking the Timeline tab or use the Tab key on your keyboard to toggle to this view.


  1. In Timeline View, locate the section of your song where you’d like to split your track. Ideally, we want to do this where a video or slide sound is present in your show.


  1. Once we’ve located this section, right-click the specific area where you want the song to split and select Split Track Here from the right-click menu. You should now see two individual tracks in your timeline.


  1. Now that we’ve split our track, the last thing we need to do is shift over the second part so it resumes playback after the video / sound  finishes in your show. To shift your song to the right, first click the song in the timeline so a blue outline appears around the track. Then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard + click and drag the track to the right with your mouse until you are happy with the placement of the tack in your show.


  1. Test playback of your edits and see if you are happy with what you’ve done. If you need to make adjustments do so using the same methods used above.
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